It is our belief that it is essential for everyone to be able to express themselves

on their own terms, thereby allowing each and every individual to be authentic.

With this vision, the Volume Studio Production team forged SHINE.

A platform for communities to come together in support of

Mental Health, Addiction, HIV and Human Rights.

Issues that strike a chord in their hearts.

These communities are as vast and diverse

as they are talented and creative.

These issues affects us all, and in turn

must be recognised and supported by all members of our community.

We are humbled by the amazing generosity of spirit with

which these extraordinary individuals give back.

SHINE is a dream that only comes to fruition because of the numerous

community members who unite to make a difference. 

This is why SHINE is so important.

SHINE2020 Nanaimo  is proud to debut at the Nanaimo Conference Centre, 

bringing you an evening of unparrelled entertainment

that is sure to become a yearly event on Nanaimo's calender.

We believe that accessible and affordable healthcare is everyone's right.

This year we are supporting the vital, and long overdue, expansion of the ICU

at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Thank you for your support and for understanding the importance of

"Communities supporting Communities". 

Together We SHINE!

Dean Thullner-Veljacic  •  Founder / Executive Producer

Lorenzo Cryer  • Creative Director

Vanessa Purdy • Assistant Producer

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